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Latest news at Mission Vista.

March 29, 2024 

cosmic bowling spring break 2024.webp

Our local clients are getting excited as they prepare to attend a cosmic bowling event during Spring Break. The event is scheduled for April 3rd and is expected to be a fun-filled experience for everyone involved. Staff members will be accompanying our clients to ensure their safety and enjoyment throughout the outing.


Cosmic bowling is a unique and exciting form of bowling that involves black lights, music, and glowing bowling balls. It’s a great way for clients to let loose and have some fun while also promoting physical activity. The event is sure to be a memorable experience for all attendees. Our clients have been eagerly anticipating the event, and many have expressed their excitement about trying something new and fun.


The staff members have been working hard to ensure that everything is organized and ready for the outing. Overall, everyone involved is looking forward to the cosmic bowling event and can’t wait to have a great time together!

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